Budapest zoo and botanical garden is 140 years old

Hungary Post is issuing a commemorative block to celebrate the 140 years of the Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden.

The main motif of the stamp design of the block is a mandrill and there are giraffes in the background. The surrounding frame features some of the rarities that can be found in the Budapest Zoo and Botanical Garden. Of the animals there are the blue macaw, white rhinoceros, babirusa, tapir, striped hyena, boa, Siberian tiger, Asiatic black bear, southern cassowary, black panther, fairy-bluebird, keel-billed toucan, green basilisk, fruit bats, ring-tailed lemur, and of the plants creeping lily, aloes, bromeliads, tropical ferns, palms and lianas. The first day cover shows a view of the zoo, while the design of the commemorative postmark incorporates a stylised marmoset and palm leaf.

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