European swimming championship

Hungary Post is marking the 28th European Swimming Championship in Budapest by issuing a commemorative set of stamps.

This prestigious event, which has been regularly organised in Europe since 1926, was last staged in Hungary in 1958. Between 26 July and 6 August outstanding swimmers from across the continent will compete in the European Championship at the Alfred Hajos Swimming Pool in the attractive setting of Margaret Island. 1,688 competitors have been nominated for the different events, and together with the officials there are 3,414 accredited participants. At the Championship a total of 58 gold medals can be won, 38 swimming, 4 synchronised swimming, 10 diving and 6 long distance.

The designs of the two denomination set are graphic compositions referring to the European Championship in Budapest. The HUF 90 stamp shows synchronised swimming and diving, while the HUF 180 stamp has elements referring to open water beside the main motif of swimming. The first day cover accompanying the set and the postmark both have motifs typical of the sport.

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