Gibraltar: WWF Giant Devil Ray

Giant devil rays are considered by many among the most fascinating and mysterious of marine animals. Yet, because of their vulnerability to man's activities, entire populations, if not species, may disappear without anybody even noticing it.

Mobulids are extremely vulnerable animals. Their reproductive rate is among the lowest of all Elasmobranchs and it is believed these large-bodied rays are rare and live in very low densities. Mantas and mobulas are also very easy to harpoon or to entangle in a fishing net and thus become another catch for a day's fishing.
Every possible action should be taken to prevent the disappearance of mobulid populations and species from the world's oceans. Mobulids are evolutionarily extraordinary batoids in many ways and manta rays in particular, are becoming a major attraction for many diving locations in the world, therefore an asset for the tourist industries.

Gibraltar has chosen to feature these mantas on these stamps to remind us of all those marine species that are disappearing daily under our unseeing eyes.

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