Danish Stamp Issues on 10 November 2006

COBRA is the name of an international group of artists founded in Paris in 1948. Its founding members included the Danish painter Asger Jorn, the Dutch painter Constant and the Belgian poet Christian Dotremont. The aim of COBRA was to create a basis for co-operation between painters and writers from Denmark, Belgium and the Netherlands. The acronym "COBRA" was formed from the first letters of Copenhagen, Brussels and Amsterdam.

After a year, the COBRA movement expanded and came to encompass experimental artists from many different countries. More than 50 visual artists and writers from around ten countries were associated with the movement before it was finally dissolved in 1951.

The four stamps feature contemporary works by the COBRA painters. The two stamps with works by Asger Jorn and Pierre Alechinsky are a joint issue with the Belgian postal service.

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