Vintage Danish aeroplanes

It was a great sensation when the inventor J.C.H. Ellehammer managed to get the first Danish aircraft to slip the surly bounds of earth. The event took place in September 1906, and Ellehammer had built both the aircraft and the motor himself.

Ellehammer's flight marked the beginning of Danish aviation. Many years later, the aircraft factory Scandinavisk Aero Industri A/S was founded by aviation technician Viggo Kramme and aviation engineer K.G. Zeuthen in co-operation with F.L. Smidth & Co. Between 1937 and 1954, the company manufactured approximately 200 aircraft of 11 different types, all of them termed 'KZ' aircraft after the initials of the founders.

The four stamps issued by Post Danmark tell the story of an important era in Danish industrial history and focus on famous works of Danish engineering. The aircraft featured on the four stamps are all associated with the aircraft museum called the Danish Collection of Vintage Aircraft, located in Stauning, near Ringkobing Fjord.

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