Monaco: Block ‘Homage to Prince Rainier III’

The Prince Rainier III, Who was born on May 31st 1923, acceded to the Throne in 1949 when his father, Prince Louis II died. The "Builder Prince" changes the Principality landscape while increasing its area (from 1,4 to 1,95 km2) with platforms on the sea. The "Boss" wanted an economic diversification of Monaco and the tertiary sector is the first one of a Principality that is recognized as a financial place. Monaco counts a population of 35.000 inhabitants, with 35.000 working persons whose 17.000 people do not leave there. Throughout His Reign of 56 years, He made of the Principality a recognized Sovereign State (Constitution of 1962, adherence to the United Nations in 1993 and to the Council of Europe in 2004) that enhances its political independence next to its big neighbor country to which it is bound by an historical friendship.

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