Germany: 100 Years Mittelland Canal

The Mittelland Canal is one of the economically most meaning water ways of Europe, over which per year approximately 22 million tons of goods are transported. The building of its western section was decided on 1 April 1905 by the Prussian water law.

Today the central land channel is 325 kilometers long. It branches with Rheine from the Dortmund Ems channel and reaches with Magdeburg the Elbe Havel channel. As only west east water way of Northern Germany the central land channel connects the stromgebiete of the Rhine, the Ems, the Weser and the Elbe and makes over it outside the connection to Berlin and to the Eastern European water ways. On the stamp the impressing, 918 meters long bridge construction, which leads the channel with Magdeburg across the Elbe, are shown.

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