Austria: Stamp overprinted with new design – Perforation

Following on from the artistic overprint of the Euro 0.51 definitive depicting the "Schonlaterngasse" (Beautiful lantern alley) the remaining definitives, which no longer correspond to the new tariffs, have now likewise been overprinted with the new standard value of 55 cents.

Students of the University for Applied Arts in Vienna were invited to compete in the production of the best design. The task was to create original graphic designs with which the old nominal values would be overprinted. The students of 2 master classes set about the project with great enthusiasm and came up with excellent, innovative and unexpected ideas. The best designs were selected by a panel of judges in conjunction with the Austrian Post AG and are now available as stamps. In 2005 eight definitives were reissued as the new overprinted Euro 0.55 stamps.

Euro 2.03

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