Austria: Life Ball 2005

The major charity event, the "Life Ball", is once again being held in the Vienna town hall. This event, founded by Gery Keszler in 1993, attracts huge interest in the media and its aim is to raise funds for AIDS research. As every year, top models will open the event with a parade of creations by famous international fashion designers on a huge catwalk in the shape of the red AIDS ribbon on the square in front of the town hall. The opening of the ball and the fashion show are not just for those who hold one of the coveted admission tickets, but for everyone. Each year, over 35,000 people gather on the square to experience this glittering spectacle at close quarters. The amazing ball that follows inside the town hall is attended by roughly 4000 guests and celebrities in their outrageous costumes, with live appearances by international stars, performances, dance-floors, a wide variety of entertainment and of course gastronomic delights. The halls and courtyards of this historic building are decorated specially for this ball. The involvement of the artists, models and everyone else is meant as a sign of humanity, tolerance and understanding.

A special surprise at the Life Ball 2005 is the presence of the international top model Heidi Klum, who as part of the 2002 event championed the good cause by appearing on stage. Heidi Klum, a native of Bergisch Gladbach, began her career in 1992 by beating almost 25,000 competitors to win "Model 92", an RTL TV programme to find a new model. This brought her the coveted model contract, and led to her decision to take up this difficult career, in which she succeeded by sheer hard work and persistency in making it to the very top of the world's supermodels. She now also uses her international reputation to market selected products that are allowed to bear her name.

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