Austria: Nude on Stamp 2nd value – ‘Expectation’

Veronika Zillner, born in Wil, Switzerland, completed her secondary school studies in 1992 and then attended the Academy of Applied Art in Vienna. She studied metal product design under Prof. Carl Aubock. Alongside her studies, she participated in the Millstatt Summer Academy from 1992 to 1997, where she followed her own interests and turned to painting and the nude. It was here that she then exhibited her works. From 1995 on, she focused her training on advertising graphics and travelled to Italy and America for this purpose.

Her artistic career was always closely related to practice. Even during her studies, she carried out design contracts for business customers, and from 1998 on she had a fixed position as art director in Vienna and Milan. In 2001 she became a self-employed graphic designer and painter. Her "Kunstdusche" Gallery also provides young artists with a forum for exhibitions. The artist first exhibited her works in April 1996 at the "Vienna Art Connection" Gallery and in October of the same year in the Palais Palffy in Vienna. The artist herself explains the nude:

'In this nude, "Expectation", I attempt to record in painting the sensitive point between dark and light, between before and after, between present and past. This is for me not simply a turning point, but also an internal explosion, a state of energy that flashes with colour, that is searching for form, that points the way at every stage of life. As Joseph Beuys once said: "The only revolutionary force is the force of human creativity." It is the use of this force of transformation and never-ending change that for me means "living". I want to use colour and form to allow the intimacy of this moment to have a powerful effect on the viewer. By means of the force of the play of colours, I would like to set in motion the viewer's associative abilities. Colour is my means of expression, being and remaining alive is my goal.'

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