Russia: Expo 2005

The EXPO 2005 World Exhibition will be held from March 25 till September 25, 2005 in Aichi prefecture, Japan. Japan has been more than once honored the right to hold major world expositions. Japan hosted the EXPO World Exhibitions tree times: in 1970, 1975, 1985. EXPO 2005 under the theme "Nature's Wisdom" is aimed at forming a new global method of attack that allows a multitude of cultures and civilizations to co-exist together.

According to the Russian idea, developed by the Russian Academy of Sciences and approved at the meeting of the organizing committee, the theme of Russia's participation in EXPO 2005 shall be "The Harmony of Noosphere". The stamp depicts an emblem of the Russian layout honoring the harmony of noosphere, a tree as a symbol of life and the universe. The margin of the souvenir sheet bears the Mendeleyev periodical table of elements, the Saviour icon by A. Rublev and a reproduction of Leonardo da Vinci's the vitruvial man (the planning of temples) as well.

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