Russia: Treasures of Sarmat

About a thousand gold and silver items produced by craftsmen of Sarmatian epoch (IV B.C.) gave rich and diverse material on history, culture and art of the ancient nomads of the Southern Urals. The items were discovered by the expedition of the Institute of history, language and literature of the Ufa scientific center of the Russian Academy of Science in result of excavation of the Filippovka barrows in the Orenburg region during five seasons of the years 1986- 1990.

Buckles, ear rings, pendants, plaques, belt plates charm with a peculiar talent of craftsmen of the past. The most striking and distinctive feature of the remarkable finds of the Filippovka barrows at that is the so called "animal style" prevailing in the articles made by the nomads of the early Iron Age.

Stamp Designs

R5.00: Bull. Silver bowl (V c. B.C.)
R5.00: Bear. Gold wood goblet (IV c. B.C.)
R7.00: Camels. Gold sphere (V-IV c. B.C.)
R7.00: Deer. Gold (IV c. B.C.)

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