Forsetation in Iceland

Organized forestation began in Hallormsstadaskogur in the east of Iceland 100 years ago when Stefan Kristjansson was hired as a caretaker of the area. Stefan had studied forestry in Copenhagen. Althingi, the Icelandic Parliament, approved a resolution on the preservation of the Hallormsstadur Forest in 1899. Four years later Althingi decided to buy Hallormsstadur from the Icelandic Church Authority and a forestation program was introduced. The forest was fenced off in 1905. The state-sponsored Forestation Program began in 1907 on the land belonging to Hallormsstadur with its smallholdings and forests. This arrangement is still in operation. The old drawing seen in the margin of the stamp was made in 1906 by Agner Franciscus Kofoed-Hansen who was then a director of forestation. The drawing shows the size of the unforested area around the farm. Reforestation projects have been numerous in the last decades. The active participation of the public in both soil conservation projects and reforestation projects is especially noteworthy.

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