Iceland: Insects and spiders

Garden spider (araneus diadematus) is among the biggest spiders found in Icelandic nature. Two other species of this family has been found in Iceland. One is the marbled spider (a. marmoreus) which is similar in size to the garden spider and has been found twice in Iceland. The other is the orb weaver (a. cornutus) which is quite common in the north of Iceland. The house fly (Musca domestica) is a wellknown pest of both farm and home. This species is always found in association with humans or activities of humans. Warm summer conditions are generally optimum for the development of the house fly. It can complete its life cycle in as little as eight to ten days.

Day of issue : 23-03-2005
Printing process : Offset
Number in Sheet : 10
Printer : Cartor
Size : 29.07 x 38 mm
Designer : Orn Snorrason / Oddur Sigurdsson / Jan Ethelberg
Value : 50 ISK, 70 ISK

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