Iceland: Salmon rivers and flies

Laxa in Adaldal and Laxa in Kjos are among the most renowned rivers in Iceland for salmon fishing. Laxa in Adaldal is also the second biggest freshwater river in the country. It originates at Myvatn and runs towards Skjalfandi. Approximately 1000 salmons were caught in this river in 2004.

Laxa in Kjos originates at Stiflisdalsvatn on Mosfellsheidi and runs to the ocean. A maximum of ten to twelve rods at a time are permitted in the river. An Icelandic record in salmon fishing was broken in the summer of 1988 with a total of 3.850 salmon being caught. Fishermen have described astounding numbers of salmon in the river during that summer. In 2004 ten rods caught over 1500 salmons each day. Two well known flies are depicted on the stamps: Red Frances and Laxa blue. Red Frances is said to be responsible for most of the catch in Nordura in Borgarfjord. Many fishermen consider Laxa blue to be one of the most successful and beautiful flies used for salmon fishing in the country.

Day of issue: 01-09-2005

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