Iceland: Wild berries

A few species of wild berries grow in Iceland. Among them are bilberries, crowberries, brambleberries and rowanberries. The small blueberry (vaccinium uliginosum) shrub is darkgreen with hazel and round branches. The leaves are of various sizes and shapes. The berries are big, darkish blue and waxcoated on the outside. Their flavour is mild and the juice is colourless. Blueberries can be found all around the country, especially in moorland and acid ground. The blueberry shrub usually flowers in June. Wild strawberries (Fragaria vesca) are small, white-petaled flowers that often go unnoticed. The plant rarely grows more that 1 cm. tall. The bright red, but quite small, strawberries ripen in July. The berries grow in dry, sunny and grassy hills and can be found in the south and southwest but only rarely in the northwest. Leaves and flowers spring almost from the ground, both with a similar length. The fruit, commonly known as the "strawberry", it is a red small berry, usually very tasty.

Day of issue : 01-09-2005
Printing process : Offset
Number in Sheet : 10 Printer : Osterreichische Staatsdruckerei
Size : 152x99 mm Designer : Olafur Petursson
Value : 65 ISK, 90 ISK

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