Iceland: Christmas Stamps

A pine tree and an apple serve as motifs for the Christmas Stamps this year. These are simple and cherished symbols for Icelandic Christmas. The apple refers to the not so distant past when fruits were considered a rarity in the country. Shipments of red and fragrant Macintosh apples arrived from the United States in time to cheer up both children and grown-ups before Christmas. The present stamps will no doubt rekindle memories since it is not only intended for the eyes but also for the nostrils. The stamps give forth the traditional fragrance of pine trees and apple with subtle hints of cinnamon.

Day of issue : 03-11-2005
Printing process : Offset (3 colors + perfumed ink)
Number in Sheet : 10
Printer : Joh. Enschede Stamps BV
Size : 28 x 45 mm
Designer : Hany Hadaya
Value : 50, 70 ISK

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