Europa: Gastronomy

Royal Mail will issue a set of 6 stamps (only 2 will have the EUROPA symbol). The originally published title for this set was 'A Celebration of Food', but it is now entitled Changing Tastes in Britain.

The stamps show not only the variety of food now widely available in the United Kingdom, but by means of ethnic stereotypes, "shows the diversity of British cuisine in today's multicultural society".


2nd class - Rice: staple food for more than half the world;
1st class - Tea: first drunk in China more than 5,000 years ago;
42p - Sushi: started in Japan as a way to preserve fish;
47p - Pasta: originated in Italy in 4th century B.C.;
60p - Chips: potatoes first cultivated by the Incas;
68p - Apples: Britain's leading fruit export.

Technical Details:

Designer: Rose Design; illustrations by Catell Ronca. Printer: Joh Enschede en Zonen, in Gravure, size 35x35mm.

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