Greenland: Edible Fungi I/1 ‘Arctic Scaper-Stalk Bolete’

Arctic Scaper-Stalk Bolete (Leccinum sp.)

Cap 5 to 10 cm wide, cup-shaped, fine tomentose surface, greasy in moist weather, plain sooty brown to yellowish brown, with a little bit of overhanging cap membrane around the edges.
Tubes white at first, then dirty greyish brown. Young tubes turn dirty pink when squeezed.
Stem 5 to 10 cm tall and 1 to 2 cm thick, cylindrical with dark brown scales on a whitish ground.
Flesh firm, whitish, when cut a dirty pink and then darker in places, faint smell and mild in taste.
Common around dwarf birch and in birch scrub on moors inside the fiords; rarer along the coast.
Mottled Bolete (Leccinum variicolor) is similar, but the cap is variegated or mottled yellowish brown to sooty brown and often has a greenish tinge, particularly at the base of the stem. Grows in the same spots and is not rare.

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