Science I/3 ‘Limnognathia maerski’

The discovery of limnognathia maerski is probably the greatest modern sensation within Greenlandic zoology. This small worm-like animal is characterized by its very complicated jaws, the shell on its back and the two lines of cilia on its stomach enabling the animal to move slowly on moss leaves. The animal can also swim, performing small figure-of-eight pirouettes like a graceful dancer. This tiny animal, which is only 0.1 mm long, was discovered ten years ago (in 1994) when the research ship "Porsild" was handed over to the Arctic Station in Qeqertarsuaq by "The A.P. Moller (the owner of the largest shipping company in Denmark) and Mrs Chastine McKinney Moller Foundation for Common Purposes". During her maiden voyage to Aqajarua (The Mud Bay) on the east coast of the Disko Island, teachers and students from the Copenhagen University discovered a completely new group of animals, Micrognathozoa, in the cold spring of Isunngua.

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