Greenland: Navigation IV/4 ‘Triton’

In the 1960s five inspection ships, the Hvidbjornen (White Bear) Class were built for the Danish Navy, meant for service in North Atlantic and Greenlandic waters. After approximately 20 years' service with considerable wear and tear it was at the beginning of the 1980's decided to replace the class by a series of new ships, and in 1991 the first two, Thetis and Triton, became part of the Navy, and in 1992 a further two followed, Vaedderen (the Ram) and Hvidbjornen (White Bear) followed at the same time as the old units of the Hvidbjornen class were phased out. The new ships, which have equipped Naval Lynx Naval Lynx helicopters with a maximum radius of action of 320 nautical miles and a carrying capacity of 1500 kg on board, have a displacement of 2700 tons.

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