Greenland: Navigation IV/3 ‘Sarpik Ittuk’

Sarpik Ittuk was one three ships purchased for coastal navigation in Western Greenland. They were all built at the Orskov Shipyear in Frederikshavn, Denmark, and were originally 50 metres long and capable of carrying 150 passengers, but in the winter of 1999-2000 two of them, Sarpik Ittuk and Sarfaq Ittuk were reconditioned and modernised, and they are now 73 metres long and can carry up to 272 passengers in regular service, and with their 2000 hp diesel engines they can do 12 knots. Apart from ordinary passenger traffic, these ships are to a large extent adapted to tourist cruises along the west coast of Greenland, and they can also provide facilities for small conferences.

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