Greenland: Navigation IV/2 ‘Kista Arctica’

Kista Arctica was built in Nystad, Finland in 1973 for the Danish-French Steamship Company and was given the name Greenland. The ship, measuring 3338 gross tons and 94 m in length, has a strong construction, especially designed for navigation in heavy ice, and is probably as a whole the most solid ship of the Danish Merchant Navy, built of 22 mm special steel, which is further reinforced at exposed spots. As new Greenland was chartered by The Royal Greenland Trade Department, who bought the ship in 1983, and in 1986 she was passed on to KNI, who renamed her Nungu Ittuk. Seven years later, in 1993 the ship was passed on to the newly founded shipping company of Royal Arctic Line (RAL) and renamed Kista Arctica.

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