Canada Post delivers spring… with daffodil stamps

In spring, our fancy turns to... the ground thawing and daffodils blooming! Like the return of the robin and daylight savings time, the first daffodil bloom trumpets the arrival of spring in a glorious display of Mother Nature's re-awakening. Canada Post will celebrate the return of spring by issuing two stamps on March 10 featuring the cheery images of daffodils.

The botanical name for the genus to which daffodils belong, Narcissus, derives from the story of a beautiful youth in Greek mythology. The story is that Narcissus, so fond of looking at his own mirrored reflection, attempted to kiss his image on the surface of a pool, fell in, and drowned. When the gods saw that the most beautiful being on Earth had died, they turned Narcissus into a scented flower which blossoms in the mountains in spring. The name "daffodil" is derived from the Greek asphodelos, the flower that bloomed in the afterlife in Greek mythology.

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