Fresh-looking Veterans On Show

Be ready to step on the gas on 4 March 2005! The Aland Post then issues a stamp booklet holding eight stamps showing four types of Aland vintage cars in various Aland surroundings.

The cars represent four different decades: the 1920's, 1930's, 1950's and 1960's. First out on the road was an Oakland Sport Convertible from 1928. The following car model is a shining black Ford V8 from 1939. The second youngest of the cars is a Buick Super 4D HT, a classic red-and-white American car. The beige Volkswagen 1200 from 1964 is the youngest of the featured vintage cars. This car is still a very popular model all over the world. All four cars are registered in Aland.

The car stamps are inserted in a booklet with a brief informative text about each car. The booklet cover shows a detail of the right rear wing of the Volkswagen. The denomination of the stamps is 1st class.

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