Gastronomic Delicacy

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The theme of the 2005 EUROPA stamp is gastronomy. The Aland contribution to the series features a plate of fresh-smoked bucklings, ready to enjoy.

Bucklings are Baltic herrings which have been smoked in a hot kiln with fir or juniper firewood after having first been pickled in brine. The result is a golden-brown lustre and a really wonderful taste! Fish have always been a natural ingredient of everyday Aland life, as food as well as a source of income. The stock of Baltic herrings in Aland waters is considerable, and it is an all-round type of fish, which can be prepared in a variety of ways.

The artist behind this stamp is Juha Pykalainen, who lives in Sund in Aland. He has previously designed the Nordic stamp on mythology (2004) and the EUROPA stamp "Devil's Dance" (1997). The EUROPA stamp shows smoking, golden-brown bucklings and the tempting bucklings also decorate the sheet of stamps. Moreover, Juha Pykalainen has designed the FDC, the FDC cancel and the collector's sheet.

Date of issue 29 April 2005
Design Juha Pykalainen

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