Winning Photo becomes Aland Summer Stamp

In connection with the Mare Balticum '05 exhibition, Aland Post issue the stamp "Aland summer" showing the lovely Aland sailing ship Linden of Aland.

During the summer and autumn of 2004, the Aland Post and the local newspaper Nya Aland arranged a photo competition on the theme "Aland summer". Approx. 300 photos were entered in the competition. From the twelve final photos, Frej Edsvik's photo of the schooner Linden was chosen as the winning photo, thus acquiring the honour of being used for a stamp. He took the photo in the summer 2003 in the village of Norrboda in the municipality of Lumparland on main Aland.

The stamp depicts the schooner Linden, an Aland sailing ship built in Mariehamn 1990-1993. The original Linden built in 1920 was the model and prototype.

Date of issue: 26 August 2005
Photo: Frej Edsvik
Design: Cecilia Mattsson
Issue: 350,000

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