Natural Aland Environment in Vardo and Sando

Last year, Aland Post started issuing a new series of stamps depicting natural Aland environments. The series continues with two new motifs from the archipelago municipality of VArdo and the municipality of Geta in northern Aland.

Featured on the VArdo stamp is a knotty pine (Pinus sylvestris), beautifully extending over the beach. The stamp photo was taken in northern VArdo on the islet of Sando, which is connected to the rest of the municipality by a road embankment. VArdo, the archipelago municipality situated nearest main Aland, has a population of approximately 400. A cable-ferry operates day and night between the islands of Tofto in VArdo and Prasto in the neighbouring municipality of Sund.

This year's second stamp in the series shows a view of the dramatic sea at a place called Grondal in Geta. Geta is the northernmost municipality on the main island of Aland, situated approximately 40 kilometres from Mariehamn. Its northern coast is bordered by a chain of cliffs rising close to a hundred metres above sea level. Geta is next-door neighbour to the open sea, a fact which is reflected by the beautiful, and yet, barren scenery along the coast line.

Date of issue: 26 August 2005
Photographer: Kjell Soderlund (VArdo) Andy Horner (Geta)
Design: Cecilia Mattsson
Issue: 300,000

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