Excursions to a Bombed Bomarsund

On 12 August, a stamp illustrating excursions to Bomarsund will be issued. In 2004, 150 years had passed since the fall of the fortress of Bomarsund.

At the same time as Bomarsund was being bombed, trips by steamboats were arranged from Sweden to Aland to witness the bombings at a safe distance. Excursions to view the ruins of the fortress became even more popular during the years after the destruction.

The Bomarsund excursions inspired the caricaturist Fritz von Dardel to draw the comic strip "The Tuting Family's trip to Bomarsund" (approx. 1854) as well as the strip "Mr Black and Mr Smith going to Scandinavia" (approx. 1859). The comic paper about Messrs Black and Smith, consisting of 49 cartoons, is now owned by the Bank of Aland.

The Post focuses on these trips by issuing a stamp on 12 August. The stamp features Mr Black and Mr Smith from England visiting Scandinavia, each sitting on a barrel, looking at the bombed Brannklint tower.

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