New Greek Issue: Ancient jewellery on stamps

Greek Post issue a new set of stamps on 25th February featuring five examples of ancient Greek jewellery.

The five designs are as follows:

Necklace with tiles and cylindrical parts. 730 b.c. Athens (National Archaeological Museum)

Snake shaped bracelet. End of 3rd - beginning of 2nd century b.c. (National Archaeological Museum)

Necklace with acorn and bull head. First quarter of the 5th century, Athens (National Archaeological Museum)

Central part of crown with Heraclion node. First quarter of the 2nd century, Athens Benaki Museum)

Omega shaped ear-ring with cone endings. Last quarter of the 8th century b.c. (National Archaeological Museum)

Myrsini Vardopoulou is responsible for designing the stamps, which will be accompanies by a first day cover and maximum cards.

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