British stamps to mark royal wedding

Photos of Prince Charles and his bride-to-be Camilla Parker Bowles grace a set of royal wedding commemorative postage stamps unveiled by Britain's Royal Mail on Wednesday.

Britons will have a choice of two Charles and Camilla commemorative stamps, which will go on sale at post offices on April 8, the couple's wedding day.

A 30-pence stamp features a profile of the couple looking relaxed and laughing heartily, while a 68-pence stamp, commonly used for posting letters overseas, shows Charles and Camilla in a formal pose.

The photographs, which have been approved for use on the stamps by Queen Elizabeth II, Charles' mother, were taken in Scotland at the queen's Balmoral estate and at a highland games meeting in the country's north.

Prince Charles' first wedding, to Princess Diana in 1981, was commemorated with a special set of stamps. More recently, royal stamps were issued to mark Prince William's 21st birthday in 2003.

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