Hungarian Poets Honored

This year's National Poetry Day in Hungary taking place on 11th April sees two new stamps issued to honor poets Jeno Rejto and Attila Jozsef.

Jeno Rejto was born in Budapest in 1905 and studied drama before traveling across Europe. When he returned to Hungary he became a successful playwright, responsible for such operettas as "Who Dares Wins" (1934). He then went on to write adventure novels parodying the Foreign Legion, which often featured his somewhat bizarre sense of humor.

He reportedly died in 1942 in a labor camp after he was taken from hospital whilst seriously ill. The stamp issued in his honor depicts various images such as a North African sunset (a reference to his Foreign Legion stories), a cafe he frequented and a copy of Nagykorut - the newspaper he edited hanging on the stand.

Attila Jozsef was also born in Budapest in 1905. He was part of the revolutionary poetry movement and published his volume at the age of 17. He studied in Vienna and Paris and was a celebrated poet by the late 1920s.

He struggled with a difficult childhood and various illnesses before tragically committing suicide in 1937. Since then he become a huge influence on Hungarian poetry and much of his work has been translated into English. The stamp commemorating Jozsef depicts the poet sat at a typewriter with the house of his birth forming the backdrop.

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