New U.S. Silver Coffeepot stamp is collectors’ cup of tea

Featuring a simple and elegant illustration, the new three-cent Silver Coffeepot definitive stamp was issued today at the MILCOPEX Stamp Exhibition in Milwaukee, WI. The stamp is part of the U.S. Postal Service's American Design postage stamp series.

"We are very excited about adding this beautiful silver coffeepot stamp to our American Design series," said David Failor, U.S. Postal Service Executive Director of Stamp Services. "It's another wonderful example of American craftsmanship that reflects the spirit of our country."

The stamp, illustrated by freelance artist Tania Lee, features a watercolor and gouache painting of a pear-shaped silver coffeepot with a carved wood handle. It was made circa 1786 in Philadelphia and acquired by The Philadelphia Museum of Art in 1986.

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