Orange Revolution anniversary

The world was gripped last winter by scenes of popular revolution in Ukraine, with orange-clad demonstrators pitched out in the snow fighting against the criminality of the old regime and for their democratic rights. The second round of the presidential elections in Ukraine in 2004 was conducted with the authorities guilty of shocking violations and systematic abuse of individual rights. Protesting under the slogans "Freedom cannot be stopped!", "Together, we are many! We cannot be defeated!" hundreds of thousands people gathered on Kyiv's Independence Square on the evening of November 22 to stop the ruling elite from falsifying an election and hijacking Ukraine's presidency. Over the next 17 days, through harsh cold and sleet, millions of Ukrainians staged nationwide nonviolent protests that came to be known as the "orange revolution". They won.

On January 23, 2005, after a fair voting rerun, the opposition leader Viktor Yuschenko was inaugurated the President of Ukraine. To commemorate this event, a new Ukrainian postage stamp "Independence Square. November-December 2004", showing people protesting on Maidan, was released on the Inauguration Day.

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