Austria: 150th Wedding Anniversary of Elisabeth and Franz Joseph

Arrival of the Bavarian Princess Elisabeth von Wittelsbach, known as "Sisi": the steamer "Franz Joseph" bearing the Emperor's bride arrived in Nussdorf on April 22nd, 1854. The Leopoldsberg was thronging with cheering crowds all the way up to the very peak.

On the next day, the bride travelled by carriage drawn by 12 horses from the Favorita Palace (today the "Theresianum") to the Elisabeth Bridge, named after her and built for her at the point where today the extension of Karntnerstrasse meets Wiedner Hauptstrasse. From there the magnificent bridal procession made its way across the river Wien to the Graben and Kohlmarkt and then into the Imperial Palace.

The wedding day was April 24, 1854. An enormous procession now wended its way to the Church of St. Augustine. Elisabeth was led by her mother to the altar, where she was awaited by Archbishop Rauscher and a large body of clergy. After the blessing, the Joseph Haydn's Imperial Hymn was sung, with the new text "Gott erhalte".

Archduchess Sophie, Franz Joseph's mother, wrote in her diary: "...Tea and dinner with me between 10 and 11... Louise and I led the young bride to her room. I left her alone with her mother... until she had gone to bed, whereupon I sought out my son and brought him to his wife, who, when I wished her good night, pulled her pillow over her pretty head and its rich and beautiful hair."

Honeymoon in Laxenburg: During the couple's honeymoon in Laxenburg, part of the park by the palace was closed to the public to allow the young couple their privacy.

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