Tom Turbo children’s drawing

Tom Turbo is one of the favourite children's series on Austrian television. Popular turbo-powered bicycle Tom Turbo has appeared in many series with the author Thomas Brezina, and together they have solved the most difficult cases and brought offenders to justice. The detectives are assisted by six children, Florentine, Johanna, Yvonne, Daniel, Jeriko and Simon. Of course, children at home in front of their TV sets can also join in the search for the crooks by working out the top secret code word and, with a little luck, they can win the title of Master Detective.

In 2003, a drawing competition was held by the Austrian Post together with the ORF Confetti TiVi programme. The children were invited to draw and paint on the topic of "the most exciting adventure with Tom Turbo". The number of entries and above all the creativity of the pictures was amazing. The jury, together with Thomas Brezina, had a difficult job selecting, from amongst the lovingly drawn adventures of the clever bicycle with the large eyes, the picture that would have the greatest effect on a commemorative stamp. However, after a long discussion, the winner was chosen: one of the drawings by Andreas Wolkerstorfer (7 years old) from Garsten was selected and printed as a commemorative stamp. The corresponding special postmark was designed on the basis of a drawing by Fabian Riegler (6 years old).

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