What can be more welcome in life than an invitation. Who could not be delighted to find, amongst all the humdrum post in the letter-box, amongst the invoices and the advertisements, a very personal invitation to a friendly get-together of whatever kind. An invitation is always a positive and pleasant surprise, and its value could never be replaced by an e-mail or an SMS.

In order to allow invitations to a very special occasion or event to be sent in the appropriate manner to friends, acquaintances and family members, as well as to customers, business partners and companies, the Austrian Post is again issuing a special message stamp in 2004 for all kinds of invitations. The invitation is brought by the two cheerful and popular figures TomTom and Schneckodemus, creations by the famous Austrian cartoonist Thomas Kostron. These characters are famous around the world and they will spread even more on the letters and cards bearing their image, while the author's amusing books continue to populate the bookshelves of the world.

The commemorative with the message "Thank you" appeared in 2003, with TomTom and his small friend Schneckodemus symbolically presenting a bouquet of flowers as a thank you message. In this way, a reply can be made to the invitation with the appropriate "Thank you" from TomTom.

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