Modern Art in Austria – Josef Bramer (30th value)

The artist Josef Bramer was born in 1948 in Vienna and attended school in Scheibbs in Niederosterreich. From there he went on to attend the Graphic Teaching and Research Institute. He graduated from the master classes of Rudolf Hausner at Vienna's Academy of Fine Arts and in 1971 was awarded the master school prize. Since then Josef Bramer's works have been exhibited at a vast number of venues both in Austria and abroad. In 1996 he received the Cultural Prize of the town of Scheibs in recognition of his work. His works are to be found both in public and private collections.

His work has a poetic quality, characterised by an unmistakable style that never slavishly follows fashionable trends and by a deep love of the nature and beauty of his native country. His most important creation is "Kaspar", a modern version of the classic court jester of days gone by. Just as the court jester of old would hold up a mirror before the prince's eyes, this Kaspar likewise tells us the truth, however unpalatable it might be. Through these affectionately painted delicate pictures Josef Bramer's Kaspar makes us look at the world through new eyes in the firm belief that a better world is possible.

The painting "Kaspar Winterbild" (Kaspar's winter scene) is a particularly endearing example of how Bramer imbues Kaspar with an expressiveness that goes straight to the heart. Kaspar's delicately painted trees, bereft of leaves, seem to draw the viewer into the depths of the winter landscape.

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