Austria: Stamp depicting a nude 1st value – ‘Woman waiting’

Silvia Gredenberg was born in Vienna and after graduating from high school she initially studied at the University of Applied Art, Graphics and Painting. Three years later however, she turned to more pragmatic realms and began studies in business administration at the Vienna University of Economics where she completed her doctorate in 1975. She worked professionally in several sectors such as journalism, advertising, banking and insurance before becoming established as a tax consultant, a profession she has since practised with great drive and ambition.

However, as often happens when creative potential is stifled by ever so sober criteria such as conformity to law and economic necessity, Gredenberg was soon searching for ways to free her imagination from what at times felt to her like a prison and she began to devote herself more and more to her artistic work.

Neither animal, nor flower nor landscape would ever escape her pencil, but it is the human being that has always been her favourite subject. To her creative drive it appears as a subject wrapped in mystery, offering endless possibilities to explore, and presenting new challenges time and again.

Her particular passion is watercolours, but oils too, and mixing techniques, fascinate this artist.
The picture "Die Wartende" (Woman waiting) was actually a spontaneous creation. Silvia Gredenberg is a very punctual person and spends a lot of time waiting for people who are less punctual. One day, forced once again into a long wait, she expressed her feelings simply in this watercolour, the red hair symbolising her displeasure.

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