Famous Paintings of Austrian Collections 2nd value: Max Weiler – Young Sunflower

The second issue in the series on Austrian art collections depicts Max Weiler's painting "Junge Sonnenblume" (Young sunflower) which is owned by the Tyrolean Provincial Museum in Innsbruck.

The painter and graphic artist Max Weiler was born on August 27, 1910 in Absam in Tyrol. He graduated from high school at the Teacher Training Institute in Innsbruck and from 1930 studied at Vienna's Academy of Fine Arts under Professor Karl Sterrer. As early as 1936 the young artist was commissioned by Rector Clemens Holzmeister to work on the Austrian chapel project for the World Exhibition in Paris for which he created the glass window "Bond in the Blood of the Son". His work increasingly began to enjoy international acclaim: he represented Austria at the 1960 Venice Biennale Festival and was represented at the 1967 World Exhibition in Montreal with his pictures entitled "Like a landscape".

His extensive range of creative work not only includes panel and canvass paintings, watercolours, drawings and print graphics, but also mosaics, glass work, frescos and ceramic wall decoration. Max Weiler is regarded as "the Doyen of Austrian contemporary art".
In 1961 he was awarded the Grand Austrian State Prize and in 1979 he received the Honorary Award for Science and Art.

Our dialogue with nature and intensive observation of its diverse manifestations became the central theme of his creative work. By reducing his subjects to the abstract and by using stark, bright colours he was able, particularly in the later years of his creativity, to engender a sense of intense emotion.

Max Weiler died on January 29, 2001 in Vienna.

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