History of Russia: 275th Birth Anniversary of Empress Catherine


Catherine II's reign was notable for wanton development of Russian science and culture: painting and architecture, theatre and education, literature and history, sculpture and geography. This was a period famous for expeditions led by scientists.


The time of Catherine II's reign is famous for enlightenment reforms. Institutes, cadet corps and foundling-hospitals were established. Catherine II was the first to try to establish in Russia a system of primary education for everybody except for bonds.


In spite of the fact that Legislative Commission had been working just for a year, its work was useful. According to the material gathered by the Commission Catherine II passed several laws on behalf of the development of Russian society.


Catherine's push to the Black Sea led to the two long and bloody wars between Russia and Turkey (1768-1774 and 1787-1791), where Russia was a winner. Due to the victories Russia annexed Northen Prichernomorie and Crimea.

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Catherine II takes the place of honour among other Russian monarchs. Due to the empress and her companions, Catherine II's reign was a period of great victories of Russia, of the rise of Russian culture and of significant reforms. That is why this period is called Golden Age of the Russian Empire.

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