Russia: Wolverine

The Wolverine has been recognized as endangered since 2003. It has been hunted because of the fine quality of its pelt.

Technical Details

4 se-tenant stamps + miniature sheet:
Colour: multicoloured
Printing: offset
Paper: coated
Stamp size: 37 x 37 mm
Se-tenant block size: 74 x 74 mm
M/S size: 160 x 160 mm
Perforation: comb 11 1/4
Design: R8.00: Wolverine
R8.00: Wolverine with prey
R8.00: Wolverine on tree
R8.00: Wolverine with cubs
Sheet: 16 (2x2 se-tenants of 2x2 stamps)
Stamp Quantity: 300.000 blocks
M/S Quantity: 90.000
Designer: Petr Zhilichkin

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