Iceland: Summer flowers


Tagetes patula Marigolds are popular garden flowers in Iceland. There are many varieties of these flowers. They have beautiful but strangely colored blooms. A single flower may feature tinges of brown, yellow and orange. They are sensitive to frost and need sun and heat. Some of the varieties have to be pre-cultivated indoors starting as early as March or April. Marigolds decrease the proliferation of the cabbage fly (delia radicum) which does great damage to herb gardens. They have been used in Reykjavik educational gardens and elsewehere to keep the cabbage fly away.

Sunset shades

Begonia x tuberhybrida Sunset shades are among the most frequently cultivated summer flowers in Iceland. They have large yellow flowers edged in orange all summer. While sunset shades are usually used in shaded gardens or patio pots they do well with as few hours of sun in the morning. These beautiful summer flowers require very little water and overwatering is one of the main causes for bud-drop, especially in heavy shade. Begonias are ideal flowers for flower pots and hanging baskets.

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