Iceland: Nordic Mythology

Nordic mythology tells the tale of the creation and end of the world, of gods and divine beings, their lives and deeds. Originally, the myths were passed down orally. Most of the written tradition that we know today, e.g. Eddic and skaldic verse, was not written down until the 13th century. The myths are rooted in a distant past and were of vital importance to the lives of the Norse people in the centuries preceding the introduction of Christianity. The Nordic countries are issuing a joint stamp series in three parts about Norse Mythology. The theme for this first batch is "the Norse Gods". Odinn is the supreme Nordic deity. Odinn and his brothers created the world and the first people. Odinn is almighty and omniscient. From his throne, Hlidskjalf, he sees the whole world. Odinn's horse, Sleipnir, has eight legs. When the world comes to an end the monster Fenrisulfur will swallow Odinn.

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