Iceland: Mushrooms stamps

The Grisette – Amanita vaginata stamp

The grisette can be found in several colour variations, which sometimes are considered independent species. The white variation is common in the highlands, while a pink and golden yellow variation is commonly found on heaths and in forests in the north. Grey and yellow strains can also found. The grisette is considered edible but needs to be cooked befores consumption. It looks similar to the white and highly poisonous "death angel", Amanita virosa.

White fungi – Camarophyllus pratensis stamp

The camarophyllis mushroom is common around the country, growing in fertile and grassy meadows. It is often found in grassy basin, often in large groups and batches. It is considered to be a good edible mushroom, easy to dry and store for the winter. Around 2000 species of mushrooms have been found in Iceland.

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