Hungary: Christmas 2004

Christmas stamps, which make greetings more personal, regularly appear in the Hungarian Post Office Ltd.'s stamp issuing practices.

This year's denomination is a reprint of the HUF 38 postage stamp issued in 2002 by changing the denomination. The picture on the stamp is a reproduction of a painting by Erzsebet Udvardi titled "Bethlehem", made on the basis of the plan of Gyorgy Kara, graphic artist, using the artistic photograph taken by Janos Huschit.

The drawing on the special envelope belonging to the stamp is decorated with a work by the same artist, entitled "Madonna with Child", the figure on the special postmark is a stylised picture of a winter landscape radiating the Christmas atmosphere. In accordance with the original works of art, the picture on the stamp and the drawing on the envelope were made with a special typographical process, using gold and silver foil.

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