Audubon’s birds return this spring… to Canadian postage stamps

Canadian postage stamps often celebrate Canadian nation's art, its history, or its fauna. Few stamps are able to recognize all three, with the exception of the re-creation of John James Audubon's Canadian bird masterpieces being reproduced on stamps. Back for a second year, Canada Post will issue a new set of stamps showcasing more works painted in Canada by artist John James Audubon. The new stamps, the second set of a three-year series, will be available for sale at post offices across the country as of May 14, 2004.

Following last year's very popular issue, this year's subjects are sure to please nature-lovers, bird-watchers and letter-writers alike. Five stamps will be issued; four at the 49c denomination that can be shared with all Canadians as their mail travels within the country; and one carrying the U.S. rate of 80c, for mail migrating to the south.

The birds featured on this year's domestic rate stamps are the ruby-crowned kinglet, the White-winged crossbill, the Bohemian waxwing and the boreal chickadee. The U.S. rate stamp portrays the Lincoln's sparrow.

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