Two-stamp set to mark EU accession

Maltapost plc will be issuing a set of two stamps on May 1 to commemorate Malta's accession to the European Union. The two stamps, with a 16c and a 28c value, have been designed by Jean Pierre Mizzi of JP Advertising Ltd and have been offset printed by Bundesdruckerei GmbH of Germany. The 16c stamp shows the 10 flags of the new member countries, nine of them grouped together in the centre and surrounded by the European Union stars, and the tenth, the Maltese flag, on its own at bottom left of the stamp. The 28c stamp shows former Prime Minister Eddie Fenech Adami and former Foreign Minister Joe Borg signing the Accession Treaty in Athens. Maltapost will be offering a special United Europe joint issue pack containing all mint stamps issued by the 10 new member countries.

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