Easy as ABC: Hong Kong to issue alphabet stamps

Hong Kong Post are to issue an unusual set of stamps on 4th January based upon the letters in the alphabet. The sheet consists of stamps where the designs combine each letter of the alphabet with the following everyday objects:

A - Clothes Peg
B - Scissors
C - Desk Lamp
D - White Glue Bottle
E - Steaming Rack
F - Calliper
G - C-clamp
H - Bamboo Ladder
I - Torch
J - Cleaning Brush
K - Stapler
L - Sock
M - Set Square
N - Nail Clippers
O - Rubber Band
P - Scoop Colander
Q - Padlock
R - Sunglasses
S - Coat Hanger
T - Floor Brush
U - Flip-flops
V - Compasses
W - Wine Opener
X - Faucet Handle
Y - Barbecue Fork
Z - Paint Roller

Each stamp has a face value of $1.40 and Hong Kong Post are hoping people, and particularly businesses will use them to personalize mail with their own messages.

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