North Korea Joins South in Dokdo Postage Stamp Campaign

North Korea will issue Dokdo Islet postage stamps and join the campaign to reinforce the historic claim that Dokdo Islet is part of the Korean Peninsula. Rhee Geum-cheol, branch manager of the North Korea Stamp Corporation in China, said that the actual production of the stamp would take place next month.

Featured on the stamp is an 18th century map of the Korean Peninsula that clearly marks Dokdo Islet as Korea territory. Other designs include drawings of Jeju Island, Ulleung Island and the Dokdo Islet on a unified Korean flag.

Jang Ju-seong, the chairman of Goseon Film, which oversees sales of the North Korean stamps in South Korea, said that the message on the North Korean stamps is more straightforward than that of the South because it seeks to minimize friction with Japan. The North Korean stamps emphasize that Dokdo is historically a part of the Korean Peninsula.

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